Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA)

Chromated Copper Arsenate is a industrialized process in which CCA preservatives are diluted in water and injected into each of the wood’s cells, all through a vacuum process at high pressure, also known as BETHELL method. The objective of CCA is to avoid the biodegradation of the wood, providing effective and permanent protection.

The Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) is a water soluble preservative used to protect in the long term timber used in outdoor, in contact with soil or marine water; it works as a powerful insecticide and fungicide, avoiding damage from fungi, mold, termites, insects and other parasites.

Copper: acts as a fungicide
Chrome: it fixes the copper and arsenic to the wood structure
Arsenic: prevents the act of insects

Wood is an organic material, and as such is susceptible to weather, environmental and biological agents that cause deterioration and rot. For this reason, timber requires the impregnation of CCA preservatives, which provides a longer durability and protects it.

The application of this treatment gives a longer useful life to timber, protecting it for decades, which also translates as a positive impact in the environment as there is no need for constant change of the wood. Rio Claro reassures the quality and the impregnation degree of the treated wood through internal controls and visual inspection.

At the same time, we work with our own equipment in order to measure salt concentration in the solution used for the impregnation process. Once this process is finished, 20 samples of each load are chosen for analysis, which ensures the penetration and retention of salts.

It is worth mentioning that before impregnating the wood, we perform a moisture content control using a xylohygrometer (instrument that measures moisture content) where it is compared with the weight of the product to be impregnated (operator experience), the lighter the drier, te better impregnation. To ensure good impregnation, wood must not exceed 25% moisture content.

The impregnation process consists of 6 stages:

Initial vacuum: at this stage the air is extracted from the wood, its cells are opened so that the preservative can penetrate into the wood logs. This process lasts approximately 30 minutes until a negative pressure of 0.9Kg / m2 is achieved.
Flooding or filling: the cylinder is flooded with the preservative (CCA), which is prepared with a concentration determined by the Chilean standard. In addition to this the level of concentration that is used depends on the type of pole that will be impregnated. It lasts approximately 5 minutes.
Pressure application: there is a maximum limit of 200 PSI. This process takes approximately 20 minutes. At this stage, the total amount of L/m3 that the wood must absorb should be achieved in order to meet the expected retention.
Discharge of the solution or transfer: at this stage of the process, the liquid and the remainder are evacuated from the cylinders to the storage tanks to be reused. The overload of L/m3 is removed.
End of the cycle: at the end of the impregnation cycle the autoclave is placed at atmospheric pressure and the wood is ready for the following processing phases.

Quality Control

After the impregnation process, the department head performs an exhaustive quality control to each of the impregnated packages. The control consists of extracting samples of the logs to analyze in the laboratory, where we verify that the impregnation conditions are optimal and adequate, according to Chilean standard NCH 819 on the use of this preservative and under international standards (AWPA / ANSI). Ensuring the quality

Gathering and dispatch

The impregnated units are sent to the collection yard to comply with the fixation of the chemical before commercialization. After that time has elapsed, the units can be dispatched.

Our motivation is not only to deliver products in impregnated wood, with our years of experience we are prepared to solve all kinds of projects. We are not worried about the volume that our clients request, we are worried about collaborating to solve their problems, providing an integral solution. We help and advise our clients through a team with high knowledge in the field, a logistics team that adapts to the conditions required, a flexibility of adaptation that has characterized us in the market and today we can say with satisfaction that we are leaders in delivering a unique experience in the field.

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